AXICLAV-625 LB TABLETS Amoxycillin 500mg + Clavulanic 125mg +LAB 60 mill spores 10x10 strip
AXICLAV-375 TABS Amoxycillin 250mg + Clavulanic 125mg Disp. 6X10 AL-AL
AXICLAV-DS DRY SYRUP Amoxycillin 400mg + Clav 47mg per 5 ml 30ML BOTTLE
AXICLAV-1000 TABLETS Amoxycillin 875mg + Clavulanic Acid 125mg 10x6 ALU-ALU
AXICLAV DRY SYRUP Amoxycillin 125mg + Clavulanic 28.50mg 30ml Bottle
AXIF-M SUSPENSION Ofloxacin 50mg + Metronidazole 120mg + Simethicone 10mg 60ml bottle
AXIF-OZ TABLETS Ofloxacin 200mg + Ornidazole 500mg 10x10 Bl
AXITUF-CV TABLETS Cefuroxime Axetil 500mg + Clavulanic Acid 125mg 10X10 STRIP
AXITUF-250 TABLETS Cefuroxime Axetil 250mg 25X4 AL-AL
AXITUF-500 TABLETS Cefuroxime Axetil 500mg 10X10 AL-AL
CROSMOX IV Moxifloxacin 400mg per 100ml FFS 100 ml FFS
CROSMOX-400 TABLETS Moxifloxacin 400mg 20X5 BL
CLINOIN-300 CAPSULES Clindamycin 300mg 10x10 BL
CECLOR-250 DT TABLETS Cefaclor 250mg Disp Tab 10x10 BL
LEVOKILL-250 TABS Levofloxacin 250mg 20X10 BL
LEVOKILL-500 TABS Levofloxacin 500mg 2X5X10 BL
LIZOSTAR-CX TABLETS Linezolid 600mg + Cefuroxime Axetil 500mg 10x10 al-al
LIZOSTAR-600 TABLETS Linezolid 600mg 10x4 blister
LIZOSTAR DRY SYRUP Linezolid 100mg per 5ml 30ml Bottle
XISS DROPS Cefpodoxime 250mg per ml (With Water for Reconstitution) 10 ML
FAROFOX-200 TABLETS Faropenem Sodium 200mg 10x6 al-al
ZEETHRO-250 TABLETS Azithromycin 250mg 10x6 blister
ZEETHRO-500 TABLETS Azithromycin 500mg 3X10 BL
ZEETHRO-CF TABLETS Cefixime 200mg + Azithromycin 250mg 10X6 AL-AL
ZEETHRO-200 SUSPENSION Azithromycin 200mg per 5ml 15 ml bottle
BECTACEF-500 CAPSULES Cephalexin 500gm 20X10 BL
FINCH-200 LB TABLETS Cefixime 200mg + Lactic Acid Bacillus 60 million spores 10x10 AL-AL
FINCH-O TABLETS Cefixime 200mg + Ofloxacin 200mg 10x10 ALU-ALU
FINCH-O DRY SYRUP Cefixime 50mg + Ofloxacin 50mg per 5ml 30ml bottle
FINCH-OZ TABLETS Cefixime 200mg + Ornidazole 500mg 10X10 AL-AL
FINCH-CV 325 TABLETS Cefixime 200mg + Clavulanic Acid 125mg 10X10 STRIP
FINCH-50 DT TABLETS Cefixime 50mg Disp. 10x10 Al-Al
AXIF-200 TABLETS Ofloxacin 200mg 10x10 blister
LARIT-250 TABLETS Clarithromycin 250mg 10x4 al-al
LARIT-500 TABLETS Clarithromycin 500mg 10x4 al-al
LARIT DRY SYRUP Clarithromycin 125 mg / 5ml with WATER for reconstitution 30 ml
DISDOX CAPSULES Doxycycline HCl 100mg + Lactic Acid Bacillus 5 billion spores 10 X 10BL
BECTACEF-250 TABLETS Cephalexin 250mg(Disp.) 10X10 Blister
XISS-CV DRY SYRUP (With water for reconstitution) Cefpodoxime 50mg + Clavulanic Acid 31.25mg 30ml with water
XISS-CV TABLETS Cefpodoxime 200mg + Clavulanic Acid 125mg 10X10 STRIP
XISS-O Tablets Cefpodoxime Proxetil 200mg + Ofloxacin 200mg 10x10 AL-AL
XISS - 100 TABLETS Cefpodoxime Proxetil 100mg 10X10 AL-AL
XISS - 200 DT TABLETS Cefpodoxime Proxetil 200mg 10X10 AL-AL
XISS - 50 DRY Syrup Cefpodoxime Proxetil 50mg 30ml Bottle
XISS-100 DRY SYRUP Cefpodoxime 100mg per 5ml 30ML BOTTLE
MOXCEE-250 DT TABS Amoxycillin 250mg 4X5X10 BL
MOXCEE-500 CAPSULES Amoxycillin 500mg 10 X 10 BL
TROXIT-150 TABLETS Roxythromycin 150mg 10 X 10 BL
LEVOKILL-A TABLETS Levofloxacin 250mg + Azithromycin 250mg 10x1x10 AL-AL
AMOCILAC-SD CAPSULES Amoxy 250mg + Dicloxacillin 250mg + Lactic Acid Bacillus 60 million spores 10x10 Blister