CROOZ SYRUP Lactulose 200ML
COLMISA-135 TABLETS Mebeverine 135mg 10x10 BL
OMPEP CAPSULES Omeprazole 20mg 20x15 strip
OMPEP-D CAPSULES Omeprazole 20mg + Domperidone 10mg 20x15 strip
PANTOREX-40TABLETS Pantoprazole 40mg 10X10 AL-AL
PANTOREX-D TABLETS Pantoprazole 40mg + Domperidone 10mg 10X10 AL-AL
PANTOREX INJ Pantoprazole 40mg in NaCl 1 vial
PANTOREX-O TABLETS Pantoprazole 40mg + Ondansetron 4mg 10x10 AL-AL
PANTOREX-CT CAPSULES Pantoprazole 40mg + Cinitapride 3mg SR 10x10 ALU-ALU
RONTRIL PLUS SACHETS Racecadotril 15mg + saccharomyces boulardii 282.5mg + Zinc 7.5mg 20x1 sachets
ROBBY-DSR CAPSULES Rabeprazole 20mg & Domperidone 30mg sustained release capsules 10x10 al-al
ROBBY-ITR CAPSULES Rabeprazole 20mg + Itopride 150mg sustained release capsules 10X10 AL-AL
ROBBY PLUS CAPSULES Rabeprazole 20mg + Levosulpiride 75mg SR 10X10 ALU-ALU
STOKLAN-30 CAPSULES Lansoprazole 30mg 20x10 blister
JUNIOR STOKLAN-15 TABLETS (Lansoprazole Orally Disintegrating Tablets 15mg ) 10x10 AL-AL
WARSCAB-A TABS Ivermectin 6mg + Albendazole 400mg Chewable 1X10X5BL
FUNZYME SYRUP Fungal Diastase & Pepsin (Enzyme Syr) 200ML
LIPOFEN SUSP Liquid Parafen 1,25ml + Milk of Magnesia 3.75 ml + Sodium Picosulphate 3.33mg 170ml
BIOPROBIC SACHETS 1GM Prerpo Biotic sachets 1.25 billion spores 20 SACHETS
ESOREX-40 INJCETION Esomeprazole 40mg 1 vial with sod. Chloride\
ESOREX-40 DSR CAPSULES Esomeprazole 40mg + Domperidone 30mg SR Capsules 10x10 al-al
ROBBY-D TABLETS Rabeprazole 20mg + Domperidone 10mg 10x10 AL-AL
ILANTA-DSR CAPSULES Ilaprazole 10mg + Domperidone 30mg SR 10X10 AL-AL
ILANTA-10 TABLETS Ilaprazole 10mg 10X10 AL-AL
BIOPROBIC CAPS Pre & Probiotics 10X10 AL-AL
PANTOREX-DSR CAPS Pantoprazole 40mg +Domp 30mg SR capsules 20x10 al-al
PICALAX TABLETS Sodium Picosulphate 10mg (Laxative) 4X5X10 BL
PICALAX SYRUP Sodium Picosulfate 5mg per 5ml 100ml
MOBIPRIDE TABLETS Itopride 50mg 10 X10 BL
PANCRETOL TABLETS Pancreatin 170mg + Dimethicone 80mg 10x10 ALU-ALU
PANTOREX-ITR CAPSULES Pantoprazole 40mg + Etopride 150mg SR Caps 10x10 ALU-ALU
ROBBY-20 TABLETS Rabeprazole 20mg 10x10 AL-AL
RIFAXIA-200 TABLETS Rifaximin 200mg 10X10 AL-AL
RIFAXIA-400 TABLETS Rifaximin 400mg 10X10 AL-AL
RIFAXIA-550 TABLETS Rifaximin 550mg 10X10 AL-AL
ESOREX-40 CAPSULES Esomeprazole 40mg 20x10 str
SAVIO-O Suspension Sucralfate 1gm + Oxethazine 20mg 100ml
LECAIN GEL Magaldrate 400mg + Simethicone 20mg per 5ml 170ml
LECAIN-LA GEL Aluminium 291mg + Magnesium 98mg + Oxetacaine 10mg per 5ml 170ml
LESOTOL-25 TABLETS Levosulpiride 25mg 10x10 Blister
LESOTOL INJECTION Levosulpiride 25mg per 2ml 1 Ampoule
ENZIPASE-10000 CAPSULES Pancreatin 150 mg Capsules 10X10 STRIP
ENZIPASE-25000 CAPSULES Pancreatin 300 mg Capsules 10X10 STRIP
SECDA FORTE TABLETS Secnidazole 1gm 5x4x2 blister
ESOREX-L CAPSULES Esomeprazole 40mg + Levosulpiride 75mg SR 10X10 AL-AL
STRON TABLETS Ondansetron 4mg 10x10 BL
GRAMATIC SYR Granisetron 1mg per 5ml 30ml bottle with dropper